Leicester City Season Restart Betting

Leicester City Football Club

The last few months have without doubt been some of the strangest times in most peoples lifetime. The horrendous Covid-19 illness has shocked and disrupted the world and understandably put a halt to sport around the world including football.

For many Leicester City fans the last game the club played, a 4-0 home win against Aston Villa, seems lifetime ago. In fact the March 9th match was the last game in the Premier League to be played, but now we are looking ahead for the season to restart.

With everything that has happened over the last few months it is understandable that football hasn’t really been in the front of most peoples minds but as the season is gearing to restart we thought it would be an excellent time to have a look at some of the betting markets regarding Leicester City and see if we can find some good value bets before everybody else.

It is safe to say as we have never really seen a season paused like this it will be interesting to see how the teams return and whether they are loosely matching their previous form, especially playing behind closed doors.

Before the season was paused just about all Leicester fans had their dreams pinned on the team being able to at least maintain enough form to grab a top for finish, and qualify for the Champions League. Looking at the betting odds they are far too short to worry about betting on a top 4 finish unless you are prepared to bet large amounts, which comes with a lot of risk. The best odds you will currently find are 1/6, so to win £10 you would need to stake £60. Betting markets for the top 2 or top 3 are not really being offered at the moment by most of the bookies apart from the betting exchanges and due to how they work the odds aren’t worth bothering with at the moment. We do think it might be worth keeping a close eye on the top 2 teams market though.

A little better betting value is being offered by BetVictor on Jamie Vardy being the Premier League top scorer, with odds of 2/1. Obviously Leicester City fans will be hoping to that he and the team hit the ground running but even if he doesn’t he has already scored 2 more goals than Arsenal’s Aubameyang so has a little head start. If you like the look of that you can also read this full BetVictor bookies review so you know all you need to know before placing your bets.

Unfortunately the bookies are still a bit shy in offering many betting markets which is understandable and they are not pricing up many games yet. It may have been easy to forget though that Leicester are actually still in the FA Cup and although the bookmakers haven’t chalked up that market again yet, Bet365 are offering odds on the Leicester v Chelsea FA Cup quarter final match.

It does seem a little odd that this match is already open for betting but if you have missed your match betting on Leicester City 7/4 for the home win might be a decent bet. As the restart of the season gets closer though we do expect more interesting betting markets to open up and we will keep you updated here as and when more bookmakers get back to normal.

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